The advantages of installing digital door locks (The cons too)


keyless door lock


Today, you have multiple options for upgrading your house to look and stay smarter and more technologically advanced.

 So, why make an exception for your door lock system?

Are the keyless door lock safer? 

 Keyless smart door locks are just as safe as a convention lock and offer more convenient features, but they aren’t without their drawbacks, including their hackability, cost, and dependence on internet connection.


Using a Smart Door Lock: The advantages

Convenience: Key is ancient 

Losing keys is a quite frequent endeavor for all of us. First, we had keychains and lanyards to help us monitor, and then electronic tracking equipment was developed. Smart lock systems have eliminated the issue as you no longer require keys. Smart locks merge with your smartphone and a free app locks and unlock your door.


Think of all the moments you’ve searched around in your bag, in a panic as you realize you locked from the inside, or think of inversing your house trying to find your keys when you’re already treading behind schedule. Today we always keep our smartphones with us; smart lock systems give us one less thing to worry about.


Get Connected: Integrate Your Smart Lock with Your Smart Home


The comfort of a smart lock multiplies if you’re merging it into a house that’s already smart, by integrating it with cameras, thermostat, lighting, and digital auxiliary units.


When thinking of security, smart locks can improve security cameras or smart doorbells. When a guest rings your doorbell, you will know who they are and then immediately allow them access by unlocking the door. You can also preset your security cameras to activate when someone unlocks or tries to unlock your front door.


Stay Connected: Use Your Smartphone to sync With the Lock


As your smartphone is synced with a Philips digital door lock system, you can be notified every time it’s locked or unlocked. 


Those days are gone when you obsessively wondering whether or not you locked the door before going out or going to sleep: you only have to go through your smartphone to verify.

You might have a dog walker or a housekeeper that visits regularly to your house. With a look at your smartphone, you will know if they’ve come, and check that the door is locked again after they’re gone.

Remote Access: Complete elimination of a Hidden Key Again

Linked to the benefits of going keyless and monitoring your smart lock through your smartphone is the ability to allow access to your front door when you’re nowhere near it.

To know the difference between a smart door lock and a conventional lock, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Have you kept a key hidden somewhere outside? 
  • How many duplicate keys do you have?
  • How many people have the key to access your house?


This is one way in which the digital door lock system is safer than the conventional alternatives as there will be no more hidden key, no more copies.


The Cons of a Smart Door Lock

Cost/Installation: How Much is Convenience Worth?


A conventional dead lock usually costs less than S$60; implementation may add a bit more, but possibilities are that your front door already has a dead lock in place. 

If you want to replace the deadbolt, it will be much easier.

WiFi Outages and Batteries: Less convenient if it happens frequently

It’s a myth that a power cut will leave your home inaccessible if you have a smart lock system: working around power cuts will probably be the first thing smart door lock makers considered when designing them.